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Path of the Crystalline Dawn

Crystalline Dawn

“Path of the Crystalline Dawn”

Teachings from Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Avalon

We travel far and still so close by,
we went through Past and try to Remember
we come from the Future and still we are here,
as New Dawn is tomorrow…as it is … it is now!

Light bringers from the Dawn, working together with Gaia, the Cosmos,
Pleidians, Venusians and many other Star Beings, the Stars and All there is.

They are here to guide and bring awareness and light in all aspects of the human soul. To bring us the Key’s of Remembrance © to balance male- and female aspects as well as planetary consciousness so we can remember our past incarnations and recognize our Star Being, as we are both deep inside.
To help us to open up to al our other aspects and soul-parts on Earth, parallel worlds and in Spirit, to become one in this time of creation and planetary new beginnings. Our long awaited Crystalline Era has begun … !

The Circle of the Dawn, the new Crystalline Dawn, is open for every one who wants to grow, honor nature in al Her forms and have respect for every human being, without judgment for men, women, color, custom or tradition!

Kindred Spirits, One World… One Vision, as in; Respect, Love & Light

We walk on Sacred Pathways to create Earth Rituals in Gaia’s Honor

Rituals to connect Spirit & Earth in a Cosmic Dance, just as our Souls will

Join and Invite us with Gaia’s Heart Circles
Workshops, Journey’s, Events all over the Planet!

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